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Tour to Chile: Antartic Fly and Sail


This is Antarctic Shipping’s new Antarctic Expedition tour of 8 days and 7 nights. On this tour we make an exciting crossing of the legendary Drake Passage to arrive in the South Shetland Islands and the Antarctic Peninsula.


  • See the Adelie and Gentoo penguin colonies
  • Go through the famous Drake passage named after Sir Francis Drake!
  • Visit historical sites of shipwrecked sailors
  • Be surrounded by stunning Antartic scenery – glaciers and mountains

Itinerary – Fly Peninsula: Leaves by plane from Punta Arenas, Chile and returns by sea to Ushuaia, Argentina.



Day 1 – Punta Arenas, Chile:

Passengers will fly from Punta Arenas – Chile, crossing the Drake Passage to King George Island. Our expedition, starts at Fildes Bay, location of the Chilean Base Frei, which we will shortly visit.

Day 2 – Villa Esperanza & Brown Bluff:

In the morning we shall be at Hope Bay, right in front of Mount Flora on the Antarctic Sound. The Antarctic Sound was named after the vessel used in the Nordenskjold Expedition 1902—1904. Landing operations will start at the historical site where the Argentinean Base Esperanza is located. Here we will have our first close encounter with Gentoo and Adelie penguins that nest close to the base. Sailing south we will reach Brown Bluff. This dark rocky cliff is surrounded by incredible glaciers. 

Day 3 – Paulet Island & Astrolabe:

Overnight, we will sail up to Paulet Island. Here we will find a huge Adelie penguin’s colony, one of the two penguin species considered truly Antarctic. We can also find a colony of blue eyed shags on the volcanic scree slopes. At this site, we will find the remains of a stone refuge built by the “Antarctic” shipwrecked survivors, crushed by heavy ice at the Weddell Sea on 1903.

Day 4 – Cuverville Island & Paradise Bay:

We will sail south west to Cuverville Island, site of the largest Gentoo penguin colony on Antarctica. Cruising into Herrera Channel up to Paradise Bay, on the north shore, high mountains raise up to 1000 meters on the south shore of the Andean Mountain extension range. This is our best chance for a zodiac cruise following the coast line, contemplating glaciers and cliffs. Port Lockroy sits on Goudier Island. The island holds a small museum, surrounded by a Gentoo penguin rookery, that developed through the 80´s long after humans had built the base on this spot.

 Day 5 – Deception Island & Half Moon:

We will be exploring the coast of the South Shetland Islands. Depending on wind and swell conditions, the Captain and expedition leader will coordinate a landing either on Deception Island or Halfmoon Island, Yankee Harbor or Robert Point.

Day 6 & 7 – Drake Passage:

Wandering albatrosses, storm petrels and other seabirds will escort the vessel as you sail north across this famous passage named after Sir Francis Drake, the 16th-century English navigator.

 Day 8 – Ushuaia, Argentina:

After an early breakfast we will land at 9:00 AM and bid farewellto our guests. Thus ends and incredible and unique expedition.


** Please note that you should regard this itinerary as a guide only. Our exact route and program varies according to the weather conditions we encounter. Flexibility is the key to success for all expeditions of the M/V Antarctic Dream.


Program Includes:

· Accommodation in cabin according to deck request

· Breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner and welcome cocktail

· Complimentary house wine & other beverages at lunch and dinner

· Use of the Library

· Use of the Fitness room and Sauna

· On board lectures and exhibits

· Passenger insurance (P&I)

· Expedition in zodiac boats

· Medical Attention