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Tour to Chile: Arica, Eternal Spring

Arica is the capital of the region Arica and Parinacota. It is the entrance to northern Chile, marking the frontier with Peru and Bolivia. Due to its sunny climate all year long, it is nicknamed “the city of the eternal spring”.  It offers beaches with warm sea (Chinchorro and La Lisera), exciting nights with casinos and discotheques. It is also the starting point to go towards the plateau, where you can meet the local Aimaras, observe the variety of its flora and fauna, lakes, volcanoes and valleys like Azapa and Lluta, truly oasis in middle of the desert. The Azapa valley surprises us with the mummies of the Chinchorro culture, one of the oldest in the world.  In this valley you will also find a variety of fruits. In the valley of Lluta you can stop and eat in the local restaurants. And finally, you can visit the Church of Poconchile, built in the XIX century.




Reception at the airport or bus terminal. Assistance and transport to hotel.

In the afternoon, excursion to the south of the city. On the road, you will see the ex-island Alacran, a bay since 1964, used by the Spanish in the conquest.  Afterwards, we continue going south, where we will stop at the beaches El Laucho, La Lisera, and afterwards to the football stadium “Carlos Dittborn”. We then visit the artisanal town and the avenue Diego Portales to sea the beach Chinchorro, the casino of Arica, the park Brasil, and the train Arica-Tacna. Our next stop will be at artisanal dock, the train Arica-La Paz , the Colon square, the San Marcos Cathedral. Finally, a visit to the famous Morro, a natural viewpoint of the city, where you will find the museum of weapons and the Christ of Peace. Back to hotel.


At 07.00 hrs excursion to national park Lauca and Lake Chungara, while travelling by the international highway Tambo Quemado.  You can see the valley of Lluta and the town of Poconchile, with its church and graveyard from XVII century.  

Afterwards, trip towards the gully of Cardones, where you will find cactus; then, visit to Pukara de Copaquilla, a defensive construction located at km 100. Next stop will be Tambo Zapahuira.  We will stop to have breakfast. Afterwards, trip to the lake Chungará at 192 km from Arica and at an altitude of 4,517 m, where llamas and vicuñas and alpacas are at their natural habitat.  You can also see the volcanoes Parinacota and Pomerape, locally known as Payachatas. Afterwards, we will visit the town of Parinacota, declared by the UNESCO world heritage. Back to Arica at 20.30 hrs.
Included meals: Breakfast, lunch.


Free day to enjoy the sun and the sea. We recommend you to go shopping around the town and also to visit the boulevard 21st May.
Included meals: Breakfast.


Transport to airport or bus terminal.
Included meals: Breakfast.