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Tour to Chile: Carmenere Wine Route


Carmenere smells like fruits, like chocolate, like blackberry.  In the mouth, its tannins are soft and the sourness is low when compared to Cabernet Sauvignon.  It is a nice wine in the short term, which does not exclude that more concentrated samples have a potential of conservation (especially when mixed with Cabernet Sauvignon).

Also, Carmenere can be drank somewhat cold and combines well with fishes like salmon and tuna, among others. The more concentrated versions, passed by wood, are perfect for eating noodles with sauces based on cream or tomato.  For a long time, it was considered that Merlot, the famous Merlot, was only that.  At the beginning of the 90’s, Claude Valat, a professor at the University of Montpellier, gave a warning: “Gentlemen, I do not know what it is; but it surely is not Merlot”. Afterwards, Jean Michel Boursiquot cleared things up: “This is Carmenere”.

Its soft tannin, its low sourness, its magnificent color, and its charming aromas make this wine one of the best in the world. Nowadays Chile is the only country that produces this vine. It is Chile’s best red wine as Malbec is for Argentina and as Tannat is for Uruguay.

You will experience a tour by the main vineyards of Chile, where this vine, once disappeared, astonishes every expert due to its quality and elegancy.





Concha y Toro has developed their wines taking in consideration that few places in the world have the adequate geography to do so.  The Pacific Ocean’s breeze, the protection of the Andes, flat lands and rivers that descend from the mountains, sum up to make the ideal climatic conditions for the growth of the vines.  The Carmenere wine tour starts in this winery located near Santiago. Half-day visit to Concha y Toro, where you will taste their incredible wines.



Trip by the Panamericana Highway to start the Carmenere Wine Experience. The first stop will be at Los Lingues, located in the Valley Colchagua, to visit the Winery Casa Silva.

The vineyard Casa Silva is the oldest of the Colchagua Valley, in terms of history and tradition. But it is also one of the most modern in terms of technology.  The vineyard is located between to mountain chains, and the soil is perfect for vine plantations.

The next stop will be at Santa Cruz, a town with typical architecture, which outstands for the quality the grapes cultivated in the area.

Accommodation at the hotel. Lunch included.

In the afternoon, we will visit Winery Montes, where excellent Carmenere grapes are cultivated. It is located in Marchique, 38 kms away. Tour around the vineyard and wine tasting. Afterwards, trip back to Santa Cruz, where we will visit the local museum.

Included Meals: Breakfast, Lunch.



Early in the morning we will depart towards Curico, Chile’s wine capital. After a brief journey, we will arrive and accommodate in the hotel.

The tour starts in Winery Puerta, which has large vineyards located in eight sub-valleys: Convento Viejo, Quilvo, Barros Negros, Isla de Marchant, Tutuquen, Los Guindos, Palquibudis, and Romeral. Each one has its own climate and soil, which have produced a variety of vines for over 80 years.

At the beginning, it consisted of 80 hectares and a winery with a capacity for a million liters.  Nowadays, it consists of 650 hectares and a winery with a capacity for 23 million liters. The Carmenere wine produced here has won international prices every year.

Lunch at the restaurant of the Winery Miguel Torres. You will be delighted by the meals that combine perfectly with Carmenere wine.

Afterwards, you will go to the vineyard of Valley Curico, where you will be able to visit the wineries of Torres. You will taste the delicious Carmenere of Torres.

Back to hotel.

Included Meals: Breakfast, Lunch



Early in the morning, journey to visit the Wineyard San Pedro, in Valley Curico. San Pedro is one of the eldest and important wineries of Chile, exporting wine to 80 countries around the world.

The main vineyard, the winery, and the cellar are located in Molina, Valley of Curico, 200 km away of Santiago. The soil, the climatic and geographic conditions are splendid for the cultivation of vines.  San Pedro has one of biggest plantations of Latin America: 1.200 hectares.

San Pedro also has more than 1.500 hectares of plantations in the Central Valley and other valleys like Elqui, Casablanca, San Antonio-Leyda, Maipo, Cachapoal, Maule, and Bio-Bio. You will walk by the wineries, the vineyards, and see how wine is produced.

Afterwards we will go towards Valle Maule, to visit the wineyard Gillmore State. These vineyards go back to the colonial times.  Nowadays it produces wine with modern processes and technological supplies.  Gillmore State also has and agro-resort which allows the tourist to experience an unforgettable journey around the valley. You will also visit the San Francisco cellar.

In the afternoon, journey back to Santiago.  Transport to the hotel or to the international airport in Santiago.

Included Meals: Breakfast, Lunch.