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Several walks by different trails of Mayan world. Along the way you will visit ecosystems and environments in which you will enjoy Mexican nature.




Reception at the airport of Villahermosa. During the morning, transport to Palenque.

Included meals: Dinner



At 08.00 hrs, you will travel to the archeological site of Palenque, where you will visit the temple of inscriptions, temple of the cross, temple of the sun, the palace. Afterwards you will go down by the trail of the Queen, visit the museum (closed on Mondays) and then to the jungle of Lacandona. You will see the cascades of swallows, where you can walk or swim. Finally, overnight in tents.

Included meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.



Breakfast in the camp. A guide will take you to walk by a trail next to the river, where you will enjoy several cascades, and arrive at Pop Chan. Afterwards, you will visit the amazing archeological area of Zak T’zii, of the classical period, with its palaces, paintings and writings in walls, surrounded by vegetation. This place will allow you to experience the lives of the ancient explorers. Then you will return to Pop Chan. Lunch and free time to swim. Finally, you will go to a starting point to begin a 30 min walk towards the camp, where you will spend the night in a tent.

Included meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.



This day you will walk for 5 hours with your guide to Lacandon, where you will enjoy the jungle and visit 3 lakes, where you will see fauna such as crocodiles, fishes, turtles, and birds. You will arrive at a cascade where you can swim. Finally, you will arrive at Lacan-ha. Free afternoon to walk by the place. Overnight in cabins.

Included meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.


DAY 05

At 08.00 hrs you will visit Bonampak, where you will see the most important murals of the Mayan culture as well as the largest stela of the governor Chan Moan II and other smaller estelas which depict the stories of ceremonies and wars. Afterwards, you will go to Frontera Corzal, where you will ride on a speedboat to the archeological site of Yaxchilan, where you will see the stela, lintels and the architecture of the temple 33 and the small acropolis. Finally, you will return to Frontera Corozal. Then you will return to Lacan-ha.

Included meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.


DAY 06

After breakfast, you will go to the Lacanja river. The first part of the river is a sequence of cascades which lasts 1 hour. There are small cascades (less than a meter) and some class III cascades (up to 2.50 meters high). Afterwards, you will sail for 1 hour until you arrive to the point where you will leave the boats and walk back to the archeological site of Lacan-ha. Afterwards, we will visit the cascades of Mactuni-ha, where you will have time to swim. You will return to the camp walking by the trails inside the forest. Finally, you will continue to Palenque.

Included meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.



After breakfast, transport to the airport of Villahermosa.

Included meals: Breakfast.



  • Transport in deluxe touristic vehicles
  • Guide with credentials of the Ministry of Tourism
  • Tickets to the sites to be visited
  • Meals specified in the program
  • Breakfasts include juice, coffee or tea
  • When included, lunches and dinners without beverages
  • All taxes