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Mexico – Maya World


Lately, Maya culture has reached a worldwide fame due to its incredible pyramids, like: Uxmal, Oxkintok, Sayil, Labna, Xlapak, Dzibilchaltun, the caves of Loltun and Chichen-Itza, which includes the pyramid of Kukulkan, the 7th wonder of the world. This program is complemented by a visit to the beautiful cities of Mérida, Campeche and its walls, and traditional colonial-style Izamal.




Arrival to city of Merida, capital state of Yucatan and entrance to the Maya world of Yucatan. Reception, assistance and immediately we will make a panoramic tour around the beautiful city of Merida. We will see the cathedral (the tallest of America), the historic temples, among others. Then we will visit Paseo de Montejo, designed to emulate the Champs Elysées of Paris. We will see various European-style mansions. We will also visit the modern areas which will allow us to see how developed this city is. Afterwards, we will go to the hotel Gran Ex-Hacienda Santa Rosa. This and other ex-estates belong to the golden times of the region, when the constructors were magnates.  Later on, these magnates became poor and the mansions deteriorated. They have been recovered as hotels with all the comfort that a tourist needs.

Included meals: Dinner.



We will travel to Uxmal, a Maya city which shows an art denominated Puuc (mountains). The Maya constructed their buildings in cuboid forms, with smooth walls and decorated friezes. The majority of the buildings belong to the classic period of Maya culture and some to the middle times. Chaac (god of the rain) is represented in various buildings which we will be visiting like the Palace of the Governor, the quadrangle of the nuns and the temple of the fortune-teller. We will also visit Kabah, where we will find a great building with a quadrangular form, named Codz-pop (rolled up carpet). We will also see the arch, the masks of Chaac, the temple of the columns and the house of the witch. Finally, we will return to the hotel.

Included meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.


This morning we will experience the route of Puuc (hill), which will take us to three Mayan sites. We will also visit the big caves of Loltun (flower of stone) after a trip of 1 ½ hours with a guide by illuminated roads. First we will visit the Mayan city of Labna (old house), inhabited between 750 and 1000 B.C. by 1500 or 2500 persons. Nowadays there are four restored buildings and many mounds around it. Among the buildings it is worth mentioning the Palace, which has 70 chultunes (water tanks), as well as the famous arch of Labna. Afterwards, we will go to Xlapak (old wall) where we will find 14 mounds with three pyramids in process of reconstruction. Finally, we will go to Sayil (place of the ants), build in 800-1000 B.C. There are two buildings known as the palace of the three floors and the observatory. We will then go to the caves. The guide will stop in a restaurant for lunch (not included), but we recommend “Los Almendros” in the nearby town of Ticul, where you will taste the best gastronomy of Yucatan. Transport to the hotel. Dinner (included).

Included meals: Breakfast, Dinner.


We will go to the city of Campeche, luggage included. We will previously stop to visit the Maya city of Oxkintok. This city has been recently recuperated. This beautiful citadel was constructed during the classic period of 750-1050 A.D., with four squares which lead to the Castle, a central temple easy to climb. One of the unique structures of Oxkintok, not common in the Maya world, is a building which has labyrinths inside. It is possible to go inside it, with a lamp, to the Xibalba or the inferior world, according to the Mayas. We will leave to go towards Campeche, after a 1hr trip. This city, like Cartagena in Colombia or San Juan in Puerto Rico, was fortified by pirate attacks. Campeche was invaded by the most famous pirates, like Morgan, the Lafitte brothers, David Nov, Francis Drake, among others. This city is beautiful and colorful and has a wonderful view of the sea. We will visit the door of the sea, the door of the land, the city center and also the Fortress of San Miguel. Finally, we will go to the city of Merida to the San Jose estate.

Included meals: Breakfast, Dinner.


This morning we will visit Merida, founded by the Spaniard Francisco de Montejo on January 6 1542. The Mayan Indians had a great city known as t’ho in this same place, long before the Spaniards arrived. After the conquest, unfortunately, the stones were used to build a new city. We will see, during the city tour, the Cathedral (the tallest in America), located at the main square, where we will also find the house of Montejo, the Government Palace, and the Municipal Palace. Merida, also known as the white city, has a main avenue named Paseo de Montejo, built with a style similar to the Champs Elysees, and many colonial buildings with a French style, like the Palace Canton, nowadays the Museum of Anthropology, and the beautiful Monument to the Fatherland, sculpted in stone and which is part of Mexico’s story. The tour also visits the park of America and some high class boulevards, and presents an image of the people and culture which make Merida one of the most cosmopolite cities of Mexico. Afterwards, we will visit a Maya site named Dzibilchaltun, which means “scripture on stone” in Mayan language. This city is located at 15 km. northeast of Merida. We will visit the museum, a typical Mayan home, an ecologic road, and the pyramids. Among the pyramids we will especially go to the central temple also known as temple of the seven dolls. At this site, every 21st of March and September an equinox occurs at the sunrise. Finally, we will visit a nature well named Xlacah. At the end of this trip we will return to the hotel at Merida. Lunch included.

Included meals: Breakfast, Dinner.



Located at 96 km west from Merida, we will visit the ecological reserve Natural Park of Celestun, a port of fishermen and beaches with crystalline waters. We will board a boat which will take us to swamps, the island of the birds, the lakes of Valdosera and Quintun, where the largest community of flamencos is located. With some luck, we will see the white-tale deer, armadillos, crocodiles, mount turkeys, ducks and many other birds. We will also find abundant vegetation. It is possible to swim in the sea. Finally, we will return to Merida.

Included meals: Breakfast.



This day is free to enjoy the estate hotel, walk around the city of Merida or go shopping at the artisan shops, which are cheaper than the stores at the ecological sites. The clothes and gastronomy are also excellent options. At night you can enjoy public activities like dancing and music.

Included meals: Breakfast.



We will arrive at Izamal after a 1hr  trip. This beautiful city is a great example of the grandness of the cities, in spite of its size. We will find the most important monastery of the region. Built by the Franciscans, it was the axis of the missions of Yucatan. It also has the biggest atrium of the world, after the atrium of San Pedro at the Vatican City. We will also ride on the “coche calesa”, pulled by a horse, visiting the city, which, by the way, is painted in colonial yellow. We will be able to see one of the five Maya temples of this city. Afterwards, we will go to Chichen Itza, where we will see the Great Pyramid of Kukulkan, the 7th modern wonder of Mexico. Besides seeing this great pyramid, the most important of the Maya world, we will see other buildings like the temple of the warriors, the planetary, as well as the enigmatic natural well. Finally, we will return to Merida.

Included meals: Breakfast, Lunch.

IMPORTANT: It is possible to request a trip to Cancun.


Transport to the airport.

Included meals: Breakfast.





  • Transport in deluxe touristic vehicles
  • Guide with credentials of the Ministry of Tourism
  • Tickets to the sites to be visited
  • Meals specified in the program
  • Breakfasts include juice, coffee or tea
  • When included, lunches and dinners without beverages
  • All taxes