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Northern Mexico


Landscapes, culture and history merge in this program. The beautiful colonial cities of Cholula and its pyramid, Puebla and its churches, Morelia, Guanajuato, San Miguel de Allende and Querétaro, which encompass ancient Mexico´s history, will be visited, as well as Tepotzotlan and its museum of Viceroyalty times. It also includes a visit to the ruins of Virgen de la Cañada or a day of leisure in Xochimilco.




Reception at the airport, assistance and private transport to the hotel.



Panoramic sightseeing through the ancient and modern streets of the Mexican capital, like Reforma Avenue, until we arrive at the historical center where we will visit the Cathedral and the National Palace. We will also have a panoramic view of the remains of the ancient Tenochtitlan (the Azteca capital) as well as the palace of art and other important buildings. We will then continue the sightseeing of the city towards its southern region. On the way we will see the Cibeles Plaza, Siqueiros Cultural Poliforum, the sport city, and the Bull-fighting Plaza, the largest in the world, where we will see the sculptures. We will also visit the Insurgentes Theatre where we will see the murals of famous Mexican artists, until we reach the University City of UNAM (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Mexico), the largest in the world, where 10,000 students are housed. We will visit the rector’s office as well as the Olympic Stadium of Mexico 1968. Upon arrival at Xochimilco, we will board a “chalupa”, a typical boat in which we will navigate through channels while we enjoy a typical Mexican lunch (included) and famous mariachi songs. Finally, we will return to visit the Azteca Stadium, where two world football (soccer) championships have taken place. Back to hotel.  At night we will visit Garibaldi, where we will listen to Mexican music. We will enjoy Mexican ranchera music, and Mexican folkloric dances.

Includes meals: Breakfast & Lunch



We will pick you from your hotel to go on a 2 hour trip towards the archeological Cholula, where we will visit the largest pyramid of America. At its peak we will see a beautiful church. At the village of Cholula we will also visit the Convent of San Gabriel Árcangel, built in 1529. Afterwards, we will travel towards Puebla, where we will visit this city, considered by UNESCO a “Heritage of Humanity”, its cathedral, the main square where we will also see many churches’ peaks decorated with mosaics. We will also visit the famous chapel of Rosario. In the afternoon, lodging at hotel in Cholula.

We suggest you to book a reservation to the National Folkloric Ballet or a dinner in the restaurant Bellini, located at the 50th floor of the World Trade Center.

Included meals: Breakfast



We will pick you from your hotel and travel by the highway for 4 hours towards Patzcuaro. Patzcuaro was one of the first cities founded by the Purepechas in the year 1300. Tradition holds that it was founded by the indigenous leader Curatame and that afterwards was transformed into the religious and ceremonial center of the Purepecha. We will also have a panoramic view to look at beautiful buildings like the temple, the chapel and the basilica. Patzcuaro is located on the banks of the lake Janitzio, which we will visit and, if the climate is adequate, sail (not included). At the center of the lake stands a statue of Christ. Finally, we will return to the hotel at Morelia.

Included meals: Breakfast.



We will pick you from your hotel to visit Morelia, capital of Michoacan. This city has an aqueduct, constructed in colonial times to provide water to the people. From the viewpoint we will be able to see the entire city. Afterwards, we will travel 3 hours to Guajanato. Once installed in the hotel, there will be time for lunch. It is considered the most Spanish of the Mexican cities, some say it resembles Sevilla. We will visit the famous museum of mummies, the monument of Pipila, hero of the Mexican independence. This city is known for its tunnels, like “El callejón del beso” (the alley of the kiss). Finally, we will visit other areas, like Valenciana. We end the trip by returning to the hotel.

Included meals: Breakfast



We begin the historic route of the Mexican revolution. First, we will visit the town “Dolores Hidalgo”, where we priest Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla started the battle for the independence of Mexico. Among other places, we will visit the Parish Dolores and the House of priest Hidalgo. We will continue to Atotonilco, where we will find his sanctuary of XVIII century and where he beheld the symbol of the independence on September 16 1810. This temple is considered the Mexican Sistine Chapel. Finally, we will head towards San Miguel de Allende, where we will visit the house of Ignacio Allende, another hero of the independence who became the first Mexican emperor after the defeat of the Spanish. This city also has a beautiful gothic-style cathedral. Finally, we will return to the hotel at San Miguel de Allende.

Included meals: Breakfast.



We will pick you up from your hotel to visit the nearby ruins of Cañada de la Virgen. The ruins are located at 30km from San Miguel de Allende, on a small mountain with deep gullies. They were built in pre-Hispanic times in an archeological site named Cañada de la Virgen. The constructions at this site prove the Mesoamerican architectonic pattern: its axis is directed towards the settings of the sun and the moon. Its privileged position, from where it is possible to see the basin of the Laja river, indicates the ritual importance as well as the defensive role of the ruins. The pre-Hispanic location, artificially constructed on a plateau surrounded by gullies, is related to the mountains around it, which are both axis of urban planning and references of the cosmic geography of the agricultural cycle. The central basin of the Laja river, where the archeological area of Cañada de la Virgen is located – as well as 70 pre-Hispanic settlements – was, between 540 and 1050 A.D., the principal place of religious and calendar control of the agricultural systems, as well as of the routes which allowed them to distribute the raw materials they needed. Afterwards we will return to San Miguel de Allende to enjoy a panoramic view of the city and the gothic-style temple dedicated to San Miguel Arcangel. We will then have a free afternoon to walk by the city. Finally, we will return to the hotel.

Included meals: Breakfast.



We leave San Miguel for a 2 hour trip towards Queretaro. Once the first capital (before Mexico), this city will allow us to enjoy its beauty, like the aqueduct from colonial times. We will then go to Mexico, stopping at Tepotzotlan for a delicious lunch (included). We will also visit the temple, now the National Viceregal Museum, which used to be the Jesuit School of Francisco Javier. We will see the biggest jewelry of the baroque-colonial architecture, the splendid façade carved in green quarry and its incredible altarpieces carved in stone and covered by 20k gold. Finally, we will return to the hotel.

Included meals: Breakfast, Lunch



Private transport to the airport.





  • Transport in deluxe touristic vehicles
  • Guide with credentials of the Ministry of Tourism
  • Tickets to the sites to be visited
  • Meals specified in the program
  • Breakfasts include juice, coffee or tea
  • When included, lunches and dinners without beverages
  • All taxes