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Tour to Chile: Relaxing at the Thermal Waters of Quinamavida

This trip has been designed for those who wish to rest the body, the mind and the spirit. The thermal waters of Quinamavida were declared curative fountains. They spring at 19°C – 22°C.

The waters of this thermal centre are recommended for illnesses such as stomach aches, sinusitis, cystitis, and the thermal mud is recommended for skin diseases, arthritis or bronchitis.  The waters, the mud and the environment help to calm down the stress. It is a wonderful experience, where calmness and beauty combine to make an unforgettable visit.


Reception at the train station.  Assistance and beginning of the excursion to Quinamavida, located at 75 km of Talca.
Visit to Colbun, an interesting typical town, where you can visit the Museum of Art and the streets full of adobe houses. Afterwards, trip to Quinamavida, a rural area of great beauty and tranquility. You will meet some women who knit with lamb wool.

Finally, arrival at the Thermals of Quinamavida Hoyel, where you will enjoy a thermal bath. Lunch at the hotel.
In the afternoon, you will visit a crafts workshop where Toba stone amaze with their decorative ornaments.  The next stop will be at the country house Rari, known for the crafts woven with animal wool and vegetables.
Back to hotel. Dinner. Accommodation.
Included Meals: Lunch, Dinner.


Free time for thermal baths in waters that have curative characteristics.  At 24°C, these waters are used to treat some diseases and are complemented by mud baths.

Lunch included. In the afternoon, free time to take baths. Dinner. Accommodation.
Included Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.


In the morning, trip back to Talca.
Transport to train station or bus terminal.
Included Meals: Breakfast.