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Tour to Chile: Cruises Nomads of the Seas


With over 250 million acres of impressive geography, Patagonia still remains as one of the rare corners on t

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he planet yet to be discovered. Keeping its invaluable treasures and exquisite biodiversity for the few who venture to discover and appreciate them.

This voyage to the central-southern and southern areas of Chilean Patagonia covers over 926 kilometers500 nautical miles from the bay of Puerto Montt (latitude 41°S and longitude 72°W) to the Taitao peninsula (latitude 46°S and longitude 73°W).

Our unique journey through a hidden area of Patagonia enables our guests to enjoy a superb combination of blending glaciers, snowcapped peaks, summits and volcanoes of the southern Andes with luxuriant cold jungle forest, as well as abundant rivers, lakes and lagoons.


Each day aboard Atmosphere is unique and different. The specific programs are defined between 12 and 24 hours in advance, so that fishing wildlife and helisking expeditions can take into account immediate weather conditions and other relevant factors such as cetacean location, fish behavior, and tides, among others. Day by day, routes are studied and defined, there is no specific track; we tailor each trip differently in order to provide the very best scenery and excursions for all our guests.


The Wildlife Adventures Program is thought up for all those adventure and wildlife lovers that are interested in the mystery of Patagonia. Explorers, accompanied by a highly specialized guide team, can see their wildlife journeys converted in incredible and gratifying moments of deep research and reflection.

This program delivers each guest a piece of Patagonia`s natural beauty and considers bird and whale watching which include nature photography as one of the main activities, and outdoors expeditions such as rafting, snorkeling, hidrospeed, trekking (including a helicopter airlift to specific areas of interest), jet-boating excursions, air-borne sightseeing, and river and sea kayaking.


Whale Watching
Due to the richness and diversity of cetacean species that live in Chilean Patagonia-50% of the species found in the world—and that particularly inhabit the area explored by Atmosphere, we have created a complete observation program based on solid scientific grounds.

This program includes amply trained guides and is committed to maintaining strict sustainability guidelines. We have also added technology and comfort, features unknown to the international whale-watching circuit, until now.


Watching Excursions
Whale-watching excursions last a full day or half-day and are held aboard the Zodiac Hurricane 920 R.I.B. This watercraft has a 16-passenger, 3-crew member capacity and can be safely used in a variety of marine conditions and settings.

Furthermore, Atmosphere also offers an observation platform located on the fifth deck, with a wide visibility range.


Commonly Seen Species
Throughout Atmosphere`s navigation route there is a rich population of small endemic cetaceans such as Peale`s dolphins, Commerson`s dolphins, Dusky dolphins and Chilean or Black dolphins, these species can always be spotted during our trips since they are endemic to this area.

Larger whale species such as humpback whales, orcas – killer whales – and the always awe inspiring blue whale, can be spotted only during whale season which in our area of operation is during mid February to mid march approximately since we cannot predict nature and its mysterious ways. The Blue whales seen in this region have a smaller fluke than its Northern hemisphere peers.


Bird Watching
Chile is home to approximately 450 species of birds, many of them endemic. Contrary to what happens in tropical areas, where the abundance and diversity of birds make them popular bird watching destinations even if sightings are difficult, Nomads of the Seas offers a geographic setting that makes identification, observation and graphic recording of the varied birdlife an easy and user friendly activity.

This program considers two key elements that guarantee the success of our bird-watching outings: a sophisticated aero-maritime transportation system that allows access to difficult, untouched, locations and the guidance of thoroughly trained professionals who are familiar with the region and its bird species.


Commonly Seen Species
The whole trip affords frequent and easy sightings of unique and interesting seabirds: albatrosses, petrels, fulmars, seagulls, pelicans, kelp geese, and cormorants, among many others, plus two species of penguins: Humboldt and Magellan.

In estuary and river areas, wading birds such as herons, ibises, black-crowned night herons, as well as a number of cinclodes, are a common sight. Also in the vicinity of rivers, as well as in lake areas and near wetlands, some of the species that make themselves seen include whistling ducks, dabbling ducks, diving ducks, false geese, a couple of swan species and the spectacular Chilean kingfisher.

Deeper inside the dense and humid southern jungle, some of the species that come into sight are woodpeckers, hummingbirds, parrots and the Chilean pigeon. These species live alongside a series of furnarids, a couple of rhinocryptidae, the black-throated huet-birdhuet and the loud-singing Chucao.

Species of finches, Icteriidae and Emperizidae complete this forest bird symphony. Among the latter, one of the most amazing species is the delicate-looking Patagonian sierra finch, dressed in its eye-catching orange and yellow tailcoat.

The region is also home to a group of small and large prey birds belonging to the falcon and owl families. Especially noteworthy are the great horned owl and the condor, which mostly inhabits highlands.


Nature Photography
Some of the landscapes waiting to be immortalized by our avid explorers are eternal snows and glaciers, some of the Andes most amazing mountains; volcanoes, bays, channels and fjords; the coastal strip and its impressive tidal variation, as well as the exuberant Magellanic sub polar forests.


Soft Outdoors Adventures
Nomads of the Seas has designed an array of activities for explorers interested in getting in touch with the natural beauty of Patagonia in a more active way.

The invitation is to get to know the magnificent surroundings while enjoying the excitement of jet-boating or rafting, the charm of kayaking or trekking. Through a selection of activities both physically and spiritually engaging, our guests will appreciate and explore the breathtaking seashore and surrounding rivers, forests and mountains. To embark in this adventure all you need is eagerness and the joy of discovering unexplored territory as seen from a new perspective, the Nomads perspective.


Our jet-boating expeditions are the perfect combination of speed and safety. Aboard our jet boats, specially designed for Nomads of the Seas, our guests will experience unforgettable journeys through beautiful rivers and forests.

Jet-boating has proved to be one of the most exciting features of our operation, since it appeals to the speed fascination that every adventurer carries within. Our guests will take home lasting memories of the sheer exhilaration of soaring upriver, the wind brushing past, all amidst astonishing beauty.


Patagonian rivers, fjords and the coastline provide natural navigation routes for our kayaking activities. True kayakers know that this sport offers unique contact with the landscape. While the paddle softly submerges in the flowing current, barely touching the leaves that hang from the trees lining the banks, kayakers get to fully admire the flora and fauna at short range.

During your trip with Nomads, kayaking will be available in three different formats: gently paddling down soft current rivers, navigating through different levels of white waters, or cruising the coastline admiring the wildlife.


Our rafting program includes a flight on our Bell 407 helicopter into Patagonia`s mountains, to rivers especially chosen by Nomads of the Seas® for an unforgettable whitewater adventure. Rafters get the chance to tackle white waters, from mild to class III rapids, always under our high security standards.


If our guests want to take in every inch of this amazing ecosystem, Nomads of the Seas will transport them by jet-boat or helicopter to remote mountain locations, where our experienced guides have selected various day routes. Trekkers will serpent their way through the astonishing rainy forest and its plethora of endemic flowers, centennial trees, leafy bushes and the endless species of ferns, fungi, algae and lichens.

Some of the sites where we make landfall offer the possibility of enjoying the steam and high temperatures of rustic hot springs, or the impressive background with its majestic glaciers and volcanoes.


Natural Hot Springs
One of the most relaxing and preferred activities by our guests. Feel the pleasure of an invigorating spa surrounded by the spectacular scenery of Patagonia.


For those who are more adventurers, we have this special activity, in which you will descend a river layed on a special floating device while admiring nature and enjoying all the adrenalin packed whitewater rapids.


This is another fascinating way to discover the hidden treasures of the Chilean Patagonia and the best way to get in touch with the endemic flora and fauna.


Panoramic Flights
This will be one of the unforgettable memories that you will take back home: the panoramic views of Patagonia`s geographic territory, as seen from above. On board the Bell 407 helicopter, guests will be able to fly across Patagonia, from the mountains to the sea, enjoying fantastic views while listening to a perfectly selected soundtrack.



Nomads of the Seas Ultimate Fly Fishing program is, without a doubt, an experience full of adventures and surprises that will captivate the hearts of all courageous explorers that go deep into this adventure. Reaching places where man has never been before, fishing in places that haven’t suffered human alterations, pollution or any kind of intervention other than that of Mother Nature is the privilege that our guests will experience with Nomads of the Seas and its Ultimate Fly Fishing program.
To keep its promise, Nomads of the Seas relies on its cutting edge aero-maritime transport system consisting of a Bell 407 helicopter, jet-boats, a Hurricane 920 RIB zodiac, and other lesser watercrafts such as zodiacs and catacrafts. Meanwhile, 36 McKenzie boats and 12 jetskiffs are placed in strategic spots of the Patagonia, readily available for fishing trips in deeper territory. This equipment allows us to penetrate into the most secluded rivers, lagoons and mountains, some of them lying untouched and unseen, waiting to be discovered.
In Ultimate Fly-Fishing, the angler may become part of a scouting team, which adds a whole new dimension to each expedition. There is no such thing as being bound to a specific location; groups are free to explore privileged sites, including some that have rarely, if ever, seen a fishing line. Due to these conditions, trophy catches are not hard to find at Nomads.



Elite skiers now have the unique opportunity to enjoy a new Nomads adventure: Patagonia Heli-skiing.Our guests can live the one of a kind experience of being lifted off in a Bell 407 helicopter from aboard the Atmosphere and flown to exclusive locations in the Andes and Coastal Mountain Ranges of the Patagonia. The helicopter will transport the adventurers to peaks that have been previously explored by Nomads´ specialists, proving their accessibility, level of difficulty and quality of descent.

The virgin snow allows expert skiers to slide down at great speed on slopes overlooking the sea and with panoramic views of glaciers and fjords. Few places in the world offer such a spectacular combination of perfect snow, adrenaline packed adventure and breathtaking landscapes.

Skiers can also experience wide array of other activities such as trekking, kayaking, rafting hidrospeed and jetboating in unexplored surroundings of incredible beauty, in the southernmost corner of the world.

Back onboard the Atmosphere, our Heliski guests enjoy Nomads´ Grand Class service; high cuisine, open bar, SPA, specialized attention and all the other components which make this voyage an unforgettable and unique experience.

Unlike our other programs, Heli-skiing program will not be available on every Nomads trip but only on exclusively programmed trips from mid September to November – the best months to ski in Patagonia due to their climatic conditions.

We invite expert skiers to explore an until now unseen side of Patagonia and ski the virgin snows of the southernmost mountains on the planet, a place only Nomads has reached and where our guests will be pioneers.