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Tour to Chile: Valdivia, City of Rivers


At Valdivia, the lakes Calle-Calle and Valdivia form the “road of the moon”, and are embraced by the beautiful gardens of Costanera avenue and Teja island.  Their calm waters are important for transporting people and products, as well as for competitions with boats. It is a city of traditions, attractive architecture and old Spanish monuments, and the gastronomy combines sea food with products from the farms.

There are excellent alternatives to enjoy the bohemia and the casino next to the river.

During February, the city celebrates its anniversary with different cultural, sports activities as well as with parties that culminate in fireworks late at night.





Reception at the airport of Pichoy, at 32 km from the city. Assistance and transport to the hotel.

In the afternoon, tour around the city to visit the Teja island, the Austral University, the Botanic garden, the bridge and river Cruces, residential districts, Saval parks, lake de Lotos, the historic and archeological museum, trip by the Costanera avenue next to river Calle-Calle, the Fluvial fair, Spanish towers, German-style houses and the Main Square.



In the morning, visit the Pacific Ocean’s view. During the trip, you will be able to see beautiful landscapes. Once in Niebla, in front of the bay de Corral, we start the tour around the Spanish fortress “Castillo de la Pura y Limpia Concepción de Monfort de Lemus” which has other sites like “Cuerpo de Guardia”, “Capilla”, “Casa del Capellan” and arsenals of weapons. The strategic position next to a cliff of 20 meters tall, allows and excellent view of the bay and of the ocean. Back to Valdivia.

Included meals: Breakfast.



Excursion by sea to meet the sanctuary river Cruces, where birds, fishes and mammals live together in one of the most beautiful ecosystems of the country. Many migrating birds and black necked swans are part of the natural scenery. There is also many flora which can be photographed. Free time to enjoy the place. Back to the dock Valdivia.

Included meals: Breakfast.



Free morning. We recommend you to visit the market, where you will find excellent gastronomy and crafts. Transport to airport of bus terminal.

Included meals: Breakfast.