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Tour to Chile: Landscape of Southern Chile (Valdivia, Puerto Montt and Puerto Varas)


This trip consists of visits to beautiful cities, with well kept gardens, traditional architecture, developed by the Germans in the XIX century. Museums, rivers, lakes, and gastronomy are some of the pleasures that you will enjoy in this experience.

Valdivia, called “City of the Rivers” and capital of Region Los Ríos, preserves the Spanish fortresses of the conquest, like towers in Niebla and Mancera.  The Wood can be observed from the viewpoint of Park Oncol.  The German culture and gastronomy can be perceived in these places.  You will enjoy the delights of the beer and the desserts. In February, these people celebrate the Valdivian Week, with oars and boats that slide down the River Calle Calle; with queen elections and fireworks.

Puerto Montt, is a city with a port that has a great commercial and touristic activity. You can enjoy the crafts and the gastronomy next to the Pacific Ocean, which inspired poets and painters.

In Puerto Varas, you will be amazed by the beautiful landscape, next to Lake Llanquihue, and by the Andes mountains. It is considered one of the three most beautiful cities of the country.


Reception at the Pichoy airport, assistance and transport to Valdivia, located at 32 km away.  Accommodation at the hotel.
In the afternoon, visit to the city of the rivers, Valdivia, to enjoy its main attractions, like the Fluvial Fair, which offers sea products and orchards, la Costanera avenue, next to the river Calle Calle, its beautiful gardens and residential areas, the downtown where the commercial activity is concentrated, the Main Square, the Cathedral, the Teja Island united with the city by the Pedro de Valdivia bridge, the Austral University, the Botanic Garden and the Historical and Archeological Museum “Maurice van de Maele”.
Back to the hotel.

Free morning, we recommend a visit to the Municipal Garden.
Transport to the Schuster Peer. At 13.30 hrs, we depart in a boat along the Valdivia River, next to the Teja Island. You will see the Rey Island, the Sofia Island, until we reach the Corral bay and stop at the Mancera Island, where we will visit a Spanish fortress from the XVII century. Back to the boat to cross the bay and stop at the Corral Port, to visit the most important Spanish fortress in Chile: Corral. Lunch included. By the afternoon, trip back to Valdivia. Arrival at the port at 19.30 hrs. Reception and transport to the hotel.
Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch.

In the morning, departure to Puerto Montt, a city located at 209 km south of Valdivia. After 2.5 hours of voyage, transport to the hotel or directly to the city tour. In the afternoon, city tour around Puerto Montt in front of the Pacific Ocean, where the typical gastronomy based on fish, reaches its maximum expression. Tour around the streets and avenues, visit to the crafts and gastronomical market of Angelmó.
Trip to Puerto Varas, nicknamed the city of the roses, where the garden around it are astonishing. Located next to Llanquihue Lake, it has an incredible view of the Osorno Volcano. It is considered one of the most beautiful cities of Chile. Overnight at Puerto Varas.
Included Meals: Breakfast.

In the morning, excursion to the Chiloe Island, where people preserve the traditions and customs of their ancestors: fishermen, and farmers.
We will drive 90 km by the Panamericana Highway from Puerto Montt to Pargua, where we will aboard and travel by boat for 30 minutes crossing the Chacao Canal. Arrival at Chacao and departure to the city of Ancud, where you will visit the museum of Chiloe, the Main Square and some streets. Then, trip towards Castro, the island’s capital to visit some houses made of wood above the sea.  Visit to the crafts market Castro. Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch.

Excursion to Petrohue, by the road that goes along the Llanquihue Lake, passing by beautiful places like Pescado River, Arthur Port, Los Riscos, until Ensenada.  Visit to the waterfalls of Petrohue River. Afterwards, brief walk to observe the amazing landscape. Finally, we reach Todos los Santos Lake.
Typical Lunch. In the afternoon, back to hotel.
Included Meals: Breakfast, Lunch.

Free morning to visit the town and enjoy a good coffee or a dessert. In the afternoon, excursion to visit the other side of Llanquihue Lake: Frutillar, a town with German influences.  The architecture is based on the native wood of the area. It is famous for the Musical Weeks that take place in this town. Back to Puerto Varas.
Included Meals: Breakfast.

Transport to the airport to fly back home. Breakfast included.